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Alex's Gain
Alex walked over to the chaise next to her best friend,  Jordan and sat down.  Jordan said "Hey what's up?"  Alex sighed, "Nat and I got back from his family's house last night."  "Oh, how did it go?"  "Not very well, Nat's mom still does not like me.  She virtually ignored me all weekend.  She even made a couple of snide comments about how skinny I am.  But not so that Nat or his dad could hear her."
Alex was almost in tears.  She had met her boyfriend's mom a few months ago.  She was startled when she met her at how heavy she was.  Nat's mom weighed nearly three hundred pounds and was only five foot three inches tall.  When Nat introduced her, his mom barely acknowledged Alex, looking her over and then just sighed.  The problem was Nat would not ask Alex to marry him without his mother's approval, not just grudging approval, but genuinely liking her future daughter in law.
"So what did Nat say on the way home?"  As
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Best Summer Ever Two Part one
Best Summer Ever 2
I pulled up to my mom's house in South Florida, it was hot, I had just finished my finals at college and driven home.   I got out of the car in went in the house, it was pretty late in the evening and my mom had gone to bed.  There was a note; "Natty, sorry I just could not stay awake any longer.  There is a little snack for you in the kitchen, I will see you in the morning , love Mom."
I dropped my overnight bag and when in the kitchen.  There was a huge pile of fresh baked cookies and brownies, another note said there was milk in the fridge.  I thought "little" snack, but I am hungry, Oh well, I won't eat to many."  Well, Mr. "No Will Power",  I pounded nearly all of cookies and brownies, getting pretty stuffed.  I patted my bloated belly and un-snapped my jeans and stuck out my belly.  "Oh that feels a lot better." I thought.  I rinsed my milk glass and put it in the sink and went up to my room.
I peeled off my t-s
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Best Summer Ever Two Part two
They both headed for the check out at the same time and nearly literally bumped into each other.  Anna spoke up first, "Elaine, it is good to see you!  I have been meaning to get in touch, but I have been getting Donald's affairs in order.  I am finally done and my Natty is home for the summer."  "Anna, thank you, I was so sorry to hear about Don's passing.  I am sure you heard that Sam and I are no longer."  Anna replied, "Yes I did hear, I am sorry to hear that.  So how have you been doing, you look great by the way."  Elaine chuckled and patted her belly, "Anna so do you!  I have been doing okay, I'm afraid I have taken too much solace in food though."  Anne giggled, patting her own substantial belly, "Elaine, not as much as I have.  I just can not stop cooking the way I did for Don and I, so I eat nearly everything I cook and of course it show!  But my Natty is home and he has a great appetite and he has already gained wei
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Mutual Attraction Couple
Mutual Attraction
Nat decided to go over to Dairy Queen for a burger, fries, shake and a parfait. He lived alone, single, male, about five ten tall and overweight. He was not huge, but his job was calling on small "mom and pop" restaurants. He liked to eat. Nat was in his mid-twenties and really, despite a fair paunch, he was not bad looking.  He really did not mind his weight and having a belly. He wore bikini cut briefs, he even had a couple pairs of "Speedo" bathing suits.  This morning Nat just pulled on a t-shirt, that was a bit tight and an old pair of gym shorts that too, were tight and too short. He even had to be careful getting in his car to drive to DQ, the shorts were that tight.
She was single, petite, only five two tall and she too was overweight.  Both of her parents were obese, and she loved them dearly.  Lately with an office job and boredom she had started to gain weight.  Her clothes were getting tight, but she loved the feel of the tightness
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